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A sweet story from Prishtina

Established in 2016 and Co-Founded by Martius Limited Group. Ámel Chocolate is an artisanal chocolate factory in Prishtina. Our aim is to create a new sensation of artisanal chocolate by using the finest quality ingredients in order to create the most perfect taste. Thus, our calling became clear. To produce and deliver the best chocolate in Kosovo and beyond the country.  The sensation and taste of  Ámel is not simple, but rather it is infused with a little bit of magic that makes it feel like art and an extraordinary experience within the first bite.. Over the past seven years, we have strived for quality and excellence in our chocolate, which has generated a unique flavor variety.

Made with Love and Care


A new sensation of Chocolate

Ámel Chocolates deliver a new tasting experience thanks to its combination of raw ingredients from Belgium and other local high quality ingredients.


Handcrafted Chocolate

The rich flavors of artisanal chocolate are incomparable to any other chocolate that you’ll ever taste. Due to the natural and fresh ingredients, our chocolatiers produce delightful flavors.


Elegance & Package refinement

Our chocolates come in a variety of shapes, therefore, we have designed different packaging for our product refinement. Each product is elegantly wrapped for a touch of softness to the moment of impeccable taste!


The Ámel Experience

Each chocolate is created with commitment and fondness. A collection of dark, milk, and white chocolates are made with the finest ingredients, creating an irresistible tasting experience.

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Amel Name

 Ámel is the special name we chose for our brand, which derives from the Albanian adjective “ëmbël”, meaning the taste of something sweet such as sugar, honey, or something satisfying.  We wanted to give our brand an identity in order to differentiate ourselves from different companies. Our goal was to express our identity through one word, which is why  Ámel was chosen. Choosing a name that already exists in our vocabulary is more likely to be liked and appreciated by customers, especially when it comes down to a local product. Hence, our brand identity has been developed to promote our product in our country as well as on a larger stage, representing our values and culture.


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