A sweet story from Prishtina

Established in 2016 and Co-Founded by Martius Limited Group. Ámel Chocolate is an artisanal chocolate factory in Prishtina. Our aim is to create a new sensation of artisanal chocolate by using the finest quality ingredients in order to create the most perfect taste. Thus, our calling became clear. To produce and deliver the best chocolate in Kosovo and beyond the country.  The sensation and taste of  Ámel is not simple, but rather it is infused with a little bit of magic that makes it feel like art and an extraordinary experience within the first bite.. Over the past seven years, we have strived for quality and excellence in our chocolate, which has generated a unique flavor variety.

Delve into the world of Ámel Chocolate

Everyone has a favorite, their go-to flavor. We love to push the boundaries of what chocolate should be, that’s why we produce a variety of products, including Bars, Barks, Bon Bons, Festive Products, and Valentine’s Day Edition treats.  Ámel Chocolates feature two main types of chocolate – Dark and Milk, with each of them providing a sensation of delicious taste. 

Ámel offers delicious gourmet chocolate bars in a variety of magnificent flavors. Smooth chocolate bars that captivate your senses, with milk, dark, and

Our chocolate barks range from classic to complex flavors. Enjoy a selection ranging from sweet and salty dark chocolate barks to the light and creamy white chocolate barks.

Bon Bon
Every day we make batches of authentic artisanal pralines. With a variety of praline flavors, including traditional, creamy, pistachio, and strawberry fillings, you are in for a treat!

Sweets and chocolates bring people together. They are the perfect gift for family and friends to brighten up any party and create smiles wherever they are eaten. We strive to provide these great feelings with our products so that you and others can enjoy them.

Our team of Chocolatiers

Labinot krasniqi

Founder, Chef Chocolatier

Trendelina Mucolli




Cruz Lowry

Assistant Chocolatier

Cruz Lowry

Assistant Chocolatier

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